My Story....

My name is Willie "Eddie" Browning. I am a photographer out of Spartanburg, South Carolina.  I have been doing photography for 4 years now.  I never thought that I would be doing photography ever.  A couple of coworkers got me into it by me assisting them in getting some aerial shots of our fleet at work.  After the shoot, I purchased my first camera and started doing a lot of research on how to work the camera in manual mode.  I then learned some things about Lightroom and purchased it also. I finally went out and did a few shoots that were okay but in the past 4 years I have seen a big improvement.  I love to shoot whenever I am not at work.  It seems like I learn more and more when I pick up the camera. A lot of things I have learned have been self taught.  Also, I shoot with Nikon.  I learned how to shoot on Nikon and have never decided to switch.

The services that we provide are photography, videography, drone coverage, and now we are starting live streaming.  We know that some events some people can not make it due to sickness or being out of state.  They can still be a part of your event by logging on and seeing your event live.  

Please don't hesitate to contact me about discussing photography or even scheduling a shoot with me.  I have different packages to choose from.  I have some packages that include a second shooter with me.  I even have a videographer on hand.  There are even drones available for photography and for videography. So feel free to browse some of my galleries and enjoy!!!