** Please be aware that any and every photo taken is the ownership of the photographer. That is anyone that is associated with W E Browning Photography. We have the rights to post any photo to social media or a website. We will not post anyone under the age of 18 unless the parent or guardian say it is okay. ALL photos will have a watermark on the sample picture but will be able to be downloaded by the client without the watermark. None of our photos releases will be altered by any means. If you would like any photo reedited, W E Browning Photography will be happy to reedit to your liking. By no means will any one associated with W E Browning Photography will be taken advantage of as far as editing and during photo shoots. This means reediting multiple times to please the client. During any photo session, W E Browning Photography will not be adding time for free unless the photographer is okay with it. We know things happen and are out of our control. Being late for a shoot will knock off how many ever minutes you are late for your shoot. If W E Browning Photography is late, a partial refund or more time will be added to make sure all is fair. All photo shoots will be given about an approximate time of photo delivery. If a photo shoot needs to be delivered in a hurry, a fee will be added according to the amount of photos taken. Usually photos can be delivered in about a week.  Weddings will start off at LEAST a month in time before photos are released. 

   All wedding photography will need to be scheduled at least 6 months in advance. All communication will be through email also. The bride and groom must have access to two separate email accounts. All wedding clients will have a meeting (possibly Zoom) with the photographers to discuss the plans for the wedding and things before the wedding. A booking fee will also be discussed during the meeting. Also, a bridal shoot or an engagement shoot may be included with a booking for a wedding. A gift will be given after the wedding from W E Browning Photography. 

   Please keep in mind that the price list is just starting prices and can vary on the shoot. If W E Browning Photography have to do anything extra, the price will change. Driving also effects the price too. For an exact quote you may email using the “Contact Me” page. All payments will be due at the time of the shoot. Weddings can be split up into payments if need be. 

   All photographers under W E Browning Photography will act in a professional matter. We are all experienced in shooting different types of photos. All photographers know how to shoot pictures in "manual mode." By no means do not ask a photographer to shoot in "auto" to get more photos. Each photographer has their own way of shooting photos. If the photographer feel that the client cannot be pleased, they have the right to cancel the rest of the photoshoot and advise me (Eddie) of the events that took place. Eddie will make the decision of rather the client get their money back or reschedule the shoot.