You should book a photographer for many reasons. First, the moments will last forever. You can have digital copies and hard copies of a special event. It keeps the friends and family at ease and not have to worry about the pictures and have a good time. Also, years later you can contact the photographer and they can send you the photos again in case of you losing the link or actual hard copies of the photos. Most people have a friend or a family member that take pictures. Some even say, "Just take pictures with your phone. Trust and believe, phones do take nice photos but an event that could be the most memorable moment of someone life you do not want phone pictures. Actual dslr or mirrorless cameras can have a canvas done without losing quality. How can a friend or family member have fun at the event and they are working? Many things can happen during an event that makes a photographer nervous. We have been through a lot of situations and we know how to handle the problem at the time. As a photographer, I know a lot of people say we are high. Yes we can be. You are paying for the quality, our equipment, our experience, the software to make your photos look gorgeous, and mostly our time. As a photographer, there are countless hours we are working on the pictures making sure they are up to your standards. Wedding editing can be a month or more. Depends on how many photos are taken. That is time that is taken away from the family. So please think about hiring a photographer when you have a event.


Photo booths are the happening thing at a party. Photo booths can be printed or sent straight to your phone. These are the memories you will have at an event. At a wedding, these are the memories that the couple will have also. Photo booths come with the option of photos, gifs, videos, or boomerangs. The couple will get a link to all the photos and videos for a memory forever. People say I can take those with my telephone. Photo booths come with costly software. Why spend the money for software that you might use once? The photo booth comes with an attendant to help everyone get the photos they want. Book us and let us come and help your event have memories. If you would like to see past photos taken on the photo booth, please do not heistate to ask.